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New Free 0800 Telephone Numbers
Yes that is correct here at 08UK we can provide your business with a totally free new 0800 freephone business telephone number, free means totally free of any costs. Yes it is possible to do this with 08UK - so no set up fee applies to the number or the service and no monthly rental cost applies either, you simply pay per minute for the calls you receive, nothing more.

We are suppliers of free 0800 numbers so we can have the number live ready for your business to use the same day you enquire, so Yes you can go to print today with a totally new 0800 number, if need be. Plus if you are looking for other new numbers click on these links for more about our free 0844 numbers or free 03 numbers or free 0871 numbers.

Port any Existing 0800 or 0808
Do you have any pre-existing 0800 numbers that you would like to move to 08UK? Save money on 0800 now, look at improving your commercials, remove rentals for numbers or for inbound call handling features. But first you/we must clarify whom your 080 numbers could be moved to (waste getting a quote from a supplier that you then can’t move your numbers too). In general if you can move your 0800 numbers away from the carrier you are with with then you would (chances are) be able to move them to us – 08UK.
We can tell you instantly from the number itself if we can help with porting / transferring i.e if you can move your 080 numbers to us. You should in theory anyway be able to Switch UK 0800 Supplier - Moving your 0800’s to 08UK but sometimes this is not the case.

If you currently are with British Telecom PLC (BT 0800), Vodafone 0800 , Opal Telecom or TalkTalk Business (Opal 0800), Kingston Communications ( Kcom 0800), Virgin Media Business (Virgin 0800, NTL, Telewest) Telstra and/or many other major tier1 carriers ---- Then Yes ----- you should be able to move your existing 0800 or 0808 seamlessly to us here at 08UK.

Generate More Sales/Calls with (soon to be) totally free to call 0800 Number
0800 is the chosen number range for business sales lines & often for customer support too. Your business will receive more calls by you choosing to use a Freephone 0800 or 0808 number.

Every call to a 0800 or 0808 number from the UK will be free soon following a new change to be announced by Ofcom, this includes all calls from UK mobiles. Early next year we expect Ofcom to announce this huge change which will see the mobile networks forced to fall in to line. About time –Ofcom – we say.

Click for more on the very best available 0800 UK National Sales Telephone numbers.

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